Naked Objects
By Richard Pawson and Robert Matthews

Appendix A: Getting started


To run Naked Objects you must be able to compile and run Java programs; the framework works with Java version 1.1 and higher, but for this example we will be using version 1.2. In addition the framework uses the Log4JAvailable from Apache, as part of the Jakarta project logging framework to log its activities. To develop applications some form of development environment is required; either an IDE or the JDK Available from Sun and a text editor. An icon editor can also prove useful, although we will not be using one during this tutorial as all the icons that we will use are included with the framework distribution.

Getting the framework

The framework can be downloaded as a zip file from the 'downloads' page on the Naked Objects web site.

Once the zip file has been downloaded, its contents should be extracted into a convenient location so the various files that we will need later can be accessed easily. Make a note of the extracted directory name as it includes a version number and, therefore, will be different from the directory we are using. For this example we will use version 0.8.0 and extract the files into our root directory. This will give us the following paths: C:\nakedobjects0.8.0 in Windows and /nakedobjects0.8.0 in Unix.

Project preparation

Before we start you should create a working directory where you can place your files. For this example we will use a directory called project created off the root of our file systems: C:\Project in Windows and /project in Unix.