Naked Objects
By Richard Pawson and Robert Matthews

Extending Naked Objects

Additional documentation available on our website.

The website is the primary repository for information about the Naked Objects framework and techniques for using it. Already on the website you will be able to find additional documentation for:

  • The complete Application Programming Interface (API) for the framework. (This is automatically included with the distribution of the framework itself.)
  • Coding examples for various aspects of using the framework.
  • Tutorials on using Naked Objects.
  • How to customize the existing viewing mechanism including: altering the appearance (fonts, window colours etc); changing the default icons (used when no icon is specified for a particular naked class); and using the debug mode, which shows each object's unique ID number in grey next to the object's title.
  • How to customize the server and clients, including: specifying alternative protocols by which the client application makes requests of the server, or changes to objects are updated to the viewing mechanism; specifying an alternative operator console for the server; specifying the level of logging (via the Log4J framework) for use in debugging.
  • How to extend the framework, including: creating new value objects; building new object viewers; constructing other viewing mechanisms; developing and customizing object stores.