Naked Objects
By Richard Pawson and Robert Matthews

Making the objects available to the user

During prototyping you want to translate business object ideas as quickly as possible into a form that the users can explore. For this purpose Naked Objects provides a simple class called org.nakedobjects.Exploration which is used to generate a kind of minimalist application. It starts the framework, allows you to register the business classes that you want the user to see, and then starts up the graphical interface.

A Naked Objects application is not a purpose-written program with a dedicated user interface but rather a 'portal' into the enterprise business object model - meaning a specific set of business classes, and possibly a specific set of fields and behaviours within those classes - made available to users in a broadly-defined business context. In our ECS example, we might have a booking agent's portal, and a dispatcher's portal that allows a vehicle despatcher to match confirmed bookings to available vehicles. The despatchers would be provided with access to a Vehicle but not to the PaymentMethod classes, or any of the methods for generating new bookings.